Sedgwick’s Original Cocktail Party

My foodie friend and author of  Mzansi Style Cuisine, Thuli Gogela,  invited me along to The Original Cocktail Party, hosted by Sedgwick’s. We made our way to Tjing Tjing to try out five of their eight new refreshing cocktails for … Continue reading

The Sedgwick’s Lane

This Sedgwick’s cocktail is a delicious must-try for the summer. It’s dedicated to the only street you could bottle your dreams. Sounds mystical, hey!   Ingredients 6 ice cubes 1 tsp. castor sugar 1 punnet raspberries 50 ml Sedgwick’s Old … Continue reading

The Undine’s Hero

Here’s a cocktail recipe from the Sedgwick’s guys that I definitely recommend you give a try. It’s dedicated to a a shy sailor that saved the clipper Undine. Ingredients 3 sugar cubes ½ a lemon, squeezed/15 ml lemon juice 50 … Continue reading