The Cape Rabbit Show!

The Cape Rabbit Club hosted the first rabbit show in the Cape in years last weekend. The show was held at the V&A Waterfront and the excitement of all bunny enthusiasts have been building up over the past few months.
The lovely Simone van Zyl and her husband Bobby, from The Fransi Doodle Rabbitry, and a few others have been working relentlessly at organising the long overdue event. The event was quite spectacular and they most certainly did a marvelous job! Simone is proudly holding her Rex doe, which won best of breed in its category, in the photo above. Simone’s other buns also did quite well.
This absolute beauty of an English Rabbit is also from The Fransi Doodle Rabbitry and also won best of breed in it’s category.
It was lovely meeting some people that I’ve only seen or chatted to on Facebook, like Nicola Savage from Mystic Rabbits, whose Netherland Dwarf in the photo above received reserve best Fancy and won best of breed (Netherland Dwarf). Nicola has quite a few truly fine rabbits. Her Silver Fox pair is exquisite and the buck won best on show. In the photo below she is proudly showing him off. (Thanks to Nicole and Damien for the beautiful photograph of their winning boy, Zeus. He is such a handsome bun!)


It was an eye opener to actually see how amazingly big and fluffy these Angora rabbits are. They may be massive, but they were really friendly and enjoyed the petting here and there through the wire cages.
I am so used to my little fluffsters at home that it was quite a shock when I first saw the real life size of these magnificent animals. Tamara from Gatabi Rabbitry in Gauteng was demonstrating how they work with the Angora buns while Karoline Steenekamp, in the photo below, showed off her skills at spinning. Karoline is also the chairperson of the Cape Rabbit Club and is a well known rabbit show judge in South Africa. If you need any professional advice on rabbits, she’s definitely the lady to get hold of.
In the photo above is Tamara on the right, working with the Angora rabbit and my dear friend, Tammy, from The Little Rabbitry, on the left. Tammy’s beautiful boy, Blue, placed second in the Fancy category,  under the Jersey Wooly breed. This is him with his adorable little “kiss me, hug me and squeeze me” face in the photo below.
This sweet little Jersey Wooly above had me going back to her cage quite a few times. She and the buck that was in the cage next to her, was for sale. It was very difficult to restrain myself, but with some effort I managed. Now they are the fantastic new additions to The Little Rabbitry! I’m so happy that Tammy decided to take them. They are truly gorgeous buns.
It was fantastic to see breeds like this Tri-colour Dutch above and the beautiful little Netherland Dwarf below.
And not to mention the massive New Zealand Reds, Blacks and Whites, which can really only be described as magnificent. I never knew just how big they actually are.
Some of the rabbits came all the way from Gauteng and Natal and it must have been a tiring weekend for them as I saw some of them weren’t much bothered with people poking and petting all around them. Just look at these two Californians below – they just want to be left alone and enjoy an afternoon nap.
The Californian breed is also quite a large breed, but really beautiful and according to what I’ve read and saw here, very friendly and make excellent pets.
There was also this huge and gorgeous Chinchilla Giganta, which was a little shy and didn’t really appreciate any poking But what a lovely colour, hey! I’ve never seen a rabbit so big and so beautiful. Then there was this (below) cutie pie of a mixed breed pet rabbit, who stole most of the attention just because of sheer sweet, adorable, cuddly cuteness!
All in all the people involved in organising the show can be really proud of the spectacular achievement. I think they did a brilliant job in putting it all together and the information they have shared with the public of what it is to have rabbits in your life as pets, is priceless. Well done and congratulations to Simone and her team!

Hop over to the Cape Rabbit Club Facebook Page for more information about the Club and for all the results of the show or contact them via email at