Patiently awaiting new kits

We’ve scaled down on our amount of rabbits over the last month or two. We now have 4 bucks and 5 does and will most likely let 1 pair go to a new home soon. Although the adult buns are getting fewer, I’m happy to post about two pregnancies!


Levi and Mushroom mated for the second time about 2 weeks ago. I’m still hopeful for a BEW, but we’ll have to see. Their previous kit was so cute and super friendly.


Mushroom’s expected due date is 8 August 2013 and there’s already someone that’s booked a kit from her expected litter! Mushroom is a lovely bun, but not very friendly during pregnancies! The band-aids on my hands can vouch for that!


Then we’ve paired Bugs and Clover. They are exremely cute and affectionate together and their little fuzzy faces look like a match made in heaven. Clover’s mommy is Phoebe, so there might be a chance of a himalayan kit, but we don’t really care, as long as the kit or kits are as adorable as Bugs’ previous little sweetheart, Bonbon. We miss that cute fur ball so much!


Levi has another fan


A friend of mine visited a day or two ago and it was the first time she handled rabbits. Of course she was at the right place if she wanted to be around bunnies and get to know how adorable they can be.

She was crazy about the small kits – obviously – they are so cute. But when she picked Levi up, he charmed her into being her favourite of all! He was so calm and sweet with her that I almost felt jealous! Levi really knows how to win hearts with those big blue eyes and little bunny kisses he makes in your neck…

Hop hop – right into my heart!


Mushroom and Levi’s kit is now 2 weeks old already. It has just started coming out of the nest and it is bouncing around the cage chasing mommy for milk! It seems to have Mushrooms’ very lively personality – hopping around like a little crazy monkey bunny. We were so hoping for blue eyes, but unfortunately that did not happen… Brown eyes does not make it any less cute, though!

Mushroom’s first kit

Mushroom had one little kit yesterday morning, 5 May 2013. So far it seems healthy and well looked after. It is her first kit, so we are keeping a close eye. The kit seems to have “dutch” markings, but we will be able to see better in a few days.

Mushroom & Levi

Levi and Mushroom have been paired up and Mushroom is at 30 days today in her pregnancy. I am very hopeful to have little black and white buns and maybe even one with blue eyes. Obviously I will keep you posted on the results! Happy weekend to all our bunny friends!

Morning sun

Levi was a happy bun doing his binkies in the early sunshine this morning. I only managed to get one decent photograph of him as he was flying through the garden like a mad March hare.

Oreo & Guinness

IMG-20121129-03627Oreo and Guinness
These two big eared sweethearts are from of Roxy and Levi’s first litter. They are almost 4 months old now and their names are Oreo and Guinness. Oreo has a white paw and Guinness has a white splash on his nose. They are on holiday at Life’s a bunny while human mommy and daddy are on holiday somewhere else. Its so nice to see them again – they’ve got really cute personalities.

A little bit of Levi

Levi is my boy and he’s still the coolest bun around!

Another little “ysbeertjie”

This little fluff ball is one of Roxy’s kits.  Its six weeks old in this photograph and I think it’s safe to say it would fall in the “ysbeertjie” catagory 😉

The rest of Roxy and Levi’s kits are all doing really well. They’re all healthy and full of energy. In two weeks’ time they’ll be ready for new homes again.

Roxy’s right at home


It didn’t take Roxy long to settle in at Life’s a bunny and to tell the truth, we are so in love with her that poor Levi hardly gets time with her! She loves playing outside in the garden with Levi – she binkies like a mad hare and they chase each other until they both flop down on the lawn. Then its only a quick rest before they start all over again!