Little Wallace


Last weekend this blue eyed boy went off to his new home to live with his new friend, Chickpea. Chickpea was Phumela’s first kit and her family decided it’s time to get her a friend.


Wallace is Mushroom and Levi’s kit who was born on 6 August 2013. He is such a placid little bunny and loves cuddles and body rubs. Mushroom has the cutest kits with adorable white markings.


Chickpea came over to meet Wallace when he was about 6 weeks old. We were a little apprehensive at first, but the two hit it off and chased each other playfully. He went off to his new home and I’m happy to report that after a weeks’ bonding process, the two are friends. They’re eating together and doing happy little binks together!



IMG00293-20130119-1152Phumela Chickpea
Little Chickpea who went to Mary in Greenpoint, Cape Town, 2 weeks ago, is doing very well and made herself at home very quickly. This photograph was sent to me by Mary.