Patiently awaiting new kits

We’ve scaled down on our amount of rabbits over the last month or two. We now have 4 bucks and 5 does and will most likely let 1 pair go to a new home soon. Although the adult buns are getting fewer, I’m happy to post about two pregnancies!


Levi and Mushroom mated for the second time about 2 weeks ago. I’m still hopeful for a BEW, but we’ll have to see. Their previous kit was so cute and super friendly.


Mushroom’s expected due date is 8 August 2013 and there’s already someone that’s booked a kit from her expected litter! Mushroom is a lovely bun, but not very friendly during pregnancies! The band-aids on my hands can vouch for that!


Then we’ve paired Bugs and Clover. They are exremely cute and affectionate together and their little fuzzy faces look like a match made in heaven. Clover’s mommy is Phoebe, so there might be a chance of a himalayan kit, but we don’t really care, as long as the kit or kits are as adorable as Bugs’ previous little sweetheart, Bonbon. We miss that cute fur ball so much!


Empty nest


This beautiful little girl in the photograph above is Mushroom’s kit. There was a little girl here over the weekend, looking at our bunnies and she fell in love with this blue eyed bunny. She was here with her parents and they were chatting and looking at bunnies, but the little girl was holding on to this bunny like she’s been her pet bunny for years. It was absolutely adorable! I’m still waiting to find out her name and will uodate this post then.

Molly wobbles


When I went to visit The Little Rabbitry to drop Chloe off at her new home, I got to see one of the first buns I ever had – Molly.  She has been with Tammy at the The Little Rabbitry for a few months now and it was just lovely to her hopping around with her wide back legs, not taking any note of anyone or anything going on around her. She is exactly the way I remember her with her I’ll-come-to-you-if-I-feel-like-it-but-don’t-you-dare-to-approach-me attitude.

And the passed week Molly bun has moved to a new home in Stellenbosch. Juli Hepple is now the proud new mommy of Molly wobbkes and she has a new long-eared friend, Lindor.

Here’s to Molly and her new family. I hope she’s happy and her new family falls in love with her and enjoy her cuteness.

Good bye Chloe bunnikins!


Today I visited Tammy and her cute buns at The Little Rabbitry. The reason I went is that she adopted Chloe (seen in the photograph above). It is sad that we can’t keep Chloe, but I have no doubt that she’ll be binkying with happiness with her new friends at The Little Rabbitry.

It was so nice catching up with Tammy and seeing some of her buns. Look at this beautiful little one (in the photograph below) bred by her. The daddy is her stud of a bun, Blue.


And this cutie pie (in the photograph below) was so adorable. His name is Hopson and he is a friendly, attention loving bunny. I love his colouring and his beautiful big brown eyes. He comes from Redberry Rabbits in Montague.


Thanks Tammy for making space for Chloe. Enjoy her, but remember to be weary of her moods!!

Growing up so fast


Clover’s little kit is on the dot 8 weeks old now. She is such a little angel – so playful, loving and friendly. She loves attention and even makes her mommy a little jealous every now and then, if you ask me. As everyone knows, Clover is the favourite here and likes to make sure we don’t forget it, and no one else steels any of it away from her. In the photograph below, the two are quite snuggy together. It took a while for Clover to have babies, but she was really a good mommy to this little one!


Zoey’s first litter

During the night of Wednesday, 15 May 2013, Zoey had 3 little kits. In the photograph above it is noticable that the small one on the right is a peanut. Although I have seen this happen so many times, it remains terrible and so sad. It lived for 2 days and this morning it was dead. The other 2 are strong, lively and quite healthy. They have their mommy’s colouring.

Mushroom’s first kit

Mushroom had one little kit yesterday morning, 5 May 2013. So far it seems healthy and well looked after. It is her first kit, so we are keeping a close eye. The kit seems to have “dutch” markings, but we will be able to see better in a few days.

Mushroom & Levi

Levi and Mushroom have been paired up and Mushroom is at 30 days today in her pregnancy. I am very hopeful to have little black and white buns and maybe even one with blue eyes. Obviously I will keep you posted on the results! Happy weekend to all our bunny friends!


This little bun has got be the most reserved bunny we have ever had. She is now 9 weeks old and still with her mom and two brothers, but she does not interact with them at all. She hides under the toys in their cage whenever anyone approaches. She even hides when they get their food or treats! She hops like mad if you try to pick her up and when you do manage to pick her up, she breathes rapidly ,her eyes look like they are going to pop out of her head and she lies flat in your hands. The poor little bun looks terrified when you try to pet her. We’re giving her bundels of attention now to try and ease her shyness; hopefully it will work. She is quite small compared to her brothers, but very lively. She seems to be in a beautiful bunny world of her own.

Morning sun

Levi was a happy bun doing his binkies in the early sunshine this morning. I only managed to get one decent photograph of him as he was flying through the garden like a mad March hare.