Patiently awaiting new kits

We’ve scaled down on our amount of rabbits over the last month or two. We now have 4 bucks and 5 does and will most likely let 1 pair go to a new home soon. Although the adult buns are getting fewer, I’m happy to post about two pregnancies!


Levi and Mushroom mated for the second time about 2 weeks ago. I’m still hopeful for a BEW, but we’ll have to see. Their previous kit was so cute and super friendly.


Mushroom’s expected due date is 8 August 2013 and there’s already someone that’s booked a kit from her expected litter! Mushroom is a lovely bun, but not very friendly during pregnancies! The band-aids on my hands can vouch for that!


Then we’ve paired Bugs and Clover. They are exremely cute and affectionate together and their little fuzzy faces look like a match made in heaven. Clover’s mommy is Phoebe, so there might be a chance of a himalayan kit, but we don’t really care, as long as the kit or kits are as adorable as Bugs’ previous little sweetheart, Bonbon. We miss that cute fur ball so much!



She’s stolen our hearts…





My daddy’s ears


In the photographs above it is easy to spot that Bugs’ daughter, Bonbon, has his ears. She is extremely playful and spends so much time hopping around the house and garden. In the photograph of her she is playing between a bunch of unused terracotta pots.

Phoebe’s little button

This is Phoebe and Bugs’ little kit. She is without a doubt the most adorable baby bun we have ever had. When you rub anywhere on her tiny body she starts licking and curling her paws around your finger. She is so full of energy and its our first little Himalayan kit! She is almost 3 weeks old now.

Phoebe and Bugs’ kits

phoebe and bugs
On Tuesday, 19 February 2013, Phoebe had two kits. Look at the difference in size of these two kits! I think the small one may be a peanut… They are 3 days old now – just look at the tiny little ears. I hope that it’s just a really small bunny and that it’ll survive. Up until now it seems fine and quite strong – phisically and in spirit. It gives the other little one a go at feeding time!

It’s a bunny named Bugs!

Two weeks ago, on 17 January 2013, I went to visit Tammy from The Little Rabbitry. She had a Himalayan buck for me and I obviously jumped when she told me about the buck, because we’ve been searching for a small buck to pair with Phoebe for ages. I would like to introduce Bugs, the handsome jersey wooly Himalayan in the photograph above.

And then Bugs were introduced to Phoebe the following day. They mated. THREE times! Expected due date for Phoebe is 19 February 2013. Himi babies at last!!! Bugs also mated with Phumela – her expected due date is 20 February 2013.