The Sedgwick’s Lane

This Sedgwick’s cocktail is a delicious must-try for the summer. It’s dedicated to the only street you could bottle your dreams. Sounds mystical, hey!   Ingredients 6 ice cubes 1 tsp. castor sugar 1 punnet raspberries 50 ml Sedgwick’s Old … Continue reading

The Undine’s Hero

Here’s a cocktail recipe from the Sedgwick’s guys that I definitely recommend you give a try. It’s dedicated to a a shy sailor that saved the clipper Undine. Ingredients 3 sugar cubes ½ a lemon, squeezed/15 ml lemon juice 50 … Continue reading

Cheesecake upgrade

Which do you like better – a light and velvety fridge set cheesecake or a slightly dense and creamy baked cheesecake? I always loved the latter and preferred an old recipe of mine that produced just that. A cheesecake of which every single … Continue reading