Black and whites from the Mother City

I’ve been putting it off long enough – it’s time to get back to writing and sharing life as it happens here in sunny South Africa. It’s not going be all about bunnies as it used to be, although I still have buns, as pets only – no more breeding. Nope, this blog will now be about living in Cape Town, food I love, a recipe here and there and mostly a platform where I can share life in general.



So, where to begin… Well, the other day I was strolling through the city, snapping pics with my Samsung NX 300 – such a nifty little grab and go camera. I’ve recently added a 45mm prime lens to my collection, which I got from Orms and I’d like to add that if ever you’re looking for new gear, Orms is the place to visit! I decided to put it to work with general street snaps as a start. What a great little lens this is – light weight, small and super fast. Definitely no regrets on the purchase!

So, all the photos are just general snaps of random sights, buildings and a little bit of street art. I’ve never been to keen on black and white edits of my own work, as I’m usually shooting food – which a friend once said, “never looks good in black and white.” But I’m enjoying playing around with the various shades and contrasts.

I hope you enjoyed these. It’s great to be writing again. I also hope that it’s not too disappointing that this post is not about bunnies. I’ll add some something next time of the fluffs we still have here.

Thanks and cheerio!


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