Goodbye sweet Bonbon…


I knew the time would come that Bonbon would steal the heart of someone looking for a bun to fill a spot in their home. I was hoping it wouldn’t be soon, as I have fallen so much in love with her that I was starting to think about not letting her go any more. She is just so absolutely adorable and she was definitely the friendliest bunny we have ever had. All she ever wanted was just a little more attention. Another ear rub. One more kiss on the forehead… She has this way of drawing your attention and forcing you to stop with whatever you’re busy with,  just to pick her up and hold her tightly against your chest. Never would she struggle to be put down. No, she loves being loved.


I’m very sad, that she had to go, but I feel happy knowing that she went to really nice people. Her new mommy is friendly, has a warm personality and fell completely in love with Bonbon the moment she picked her up. I know that she’ll be well looked after and that her new home will be a better place just because she’ll be there. I’m also happy that Watson went with her so that she’ll have good company that she’s already familiar with.  They’ll be good friends and will be happy together.


We’ll miss both buns dearly, but Bonbon’s spot will be hard to fill here in our home. Her long ears, big body and fluffy face was a highlight every morning at feeding time. She was the first bunny to ever sleep on my bed… and she was our first little himi baby.


Farewell sweet little King Kong bunny. We’ll never forget you.



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