Molly wobbles


When I went to visit The Little Rabbitry to drop Chloe off at her new home, I got to see one of the first buns I ever had – Molly.  She has been with Tammy at the The Little Rabbitry for a few months now and it was just lovely to her hopping around with her wide back legs, not taking any note of anyone or anything going on around her. She is exactly the way I remember her with her I’ll-come-to-you-if-I-feel-like-it-but-don’t-you-dare-to-approach-me attitude.

And the passed week Molly bun has moved to a new home in Stellenbosch. Juli Hepple is now the proud new mommy of Molly wobbkes and she has a new long-eared friend, Lindor.

Here’s to Molly and her new family. I hope she’s happy and her new family falls in love with her and enjoy her cuteness.


2 thoughts on “Molly wobbles

  1. Molly wobbles is absolutely adorable! We LOVE having her in the family. She loves digging…and when you play with her she nips you, she gets so excited..hahaha. Lindor and Molly have not met face to face yet as Lindor is a strong and territorial bun, but they are living in their cages in the same room and do seem interested in each other. I will be starting with the bonding in a few months. I have noticed the wide back legs too…very sweet. We will take good care of miss Molly, she is a darling 🙂 xx Juli

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