Good bye Chloe bunnikins!


Today I visited Tammy and her cute buns at The Little Rabbitry. The reason I went is that she adopted Chloe (seen in the photograph above). It is sad that we can’t keep Chloe, but I have no doubt that she’ll be binkying with happiness with her new friends at The Little Rabbitry.

It was so nice catching up with Tammy and seeing some of her buns. Look at this beautiful little one (in the photograph below) bred by her. The daddy is her stud of a bun, Blue.


And this cutie pie (in the photograph below) was so adorable. His name is Hopson and he is a friendly, attention loving bunny. I love his colouring and his beautiful big brown eyes. He comes from Redberry Rabbits in Montague.


Thanks Tammy for making space for Chloe. Enjoy her, but remember to be weary of her moods!!

One thought on “Good bye Chloe bunnikins!

  1. Thank you Billy for this beautiful bunny, she is absolutely gorgeous and VERY well fed! Lol she did her frst binkies in the garden today and I got to experience the bad mood first hand this morning when I stuck my hand in her cage! She seems very fond of Hopson:) I always love your bunnies, so well cared for and all very beautiful!

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