Poor Phumela bunnikins

I give up! I don’t know what is going on, but poor Phumela had another little peanut baby. She kindled on Sunday, 31 March 2013, but the kit only lived a few hours. Once again it was terribly small and the hind legs were deformed. Shame, it’s such an awful ordeal, but Phumela is ok and still healthy. We’ll probably give her a bit of a break now. There’s no rush and Winter is coming anyway. Poor girl…


2 thoughts on “Poor Phumela bunnikins

  1. Oh dear, so sorry to hear about that. Such sad news. 😦
    There is a positive though, in that you can’t question the fact that Phumela and the buck you used are both true dwarfs. You won’t find a big rabbit with long ears in one of their litters, and that’s a good thing really for breeding ND’s.
    Keep trying and don’t lose hope! 🙂

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