A very bunny existence awards Life’s a bunny

If you are a bun enthusiast like me, then its about time that you hop over to Meredith’s blog, A very bunny existence, where you’ll be thoroughly entertained by her and her adorably furry friends. She regulary posts videos of her buns, which I do enjoy very much. Thanks Meredith for the award nomination – its sweet of you and I think this is an awesome way of learning more about the cool people whose blogs we follow.

Picture 53

So, in the spirit of the award rules, did you know :

  1. I’m a chef, living in Cape Town, South Africa.
  2. I have a very serious and quite severe chocolate addiction.
  3. I’m not at all interested in rehabilitation for point number 2.
  4. I used to grow bonsai trees and would like to do it again someday.
  5. Winter is my favourite season.
  6. I’ve recently had an emergency appendicectomy – it was awful!
  7. I’ve got a crazy sweet tooth – so bad that I’ll easily skip dinner just to have more dessert!

My nominations are :

  1. Die Reis
  2. cozywalls
  3. Polaroids on Sidewalks
  4. The Handsome Hare
  5. Queen of the NOT so damned
  6. Angry Pear
  7. Wish I Were Here
  9. draw and shoot
  11. Coloured-Windows
  12. Krishna’s Pictures

So I’ve only listed 12 blogs, but I’m sure they’ll keep you quite busy. Have a great weekend everybunny!


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