It’s a bunny named Bugs!

Two weeks ago, on 17 January 2013, I went to visit Tammy from The Little Rabbitry. She had a Himalayan buck for me and I obviously jumped when she told me about the buck, because we’ve been searching for a small buck to pair with Phoebe for ages. I would like to introduce Bugs, the handsome jersey wooly Himalayan in the photograph above.

And then Bugs were introduced to Phoebe the following day. They mated. THREE times! Expected due date for Phoebe is 19 February 2013. Himi babies at last!!! Bugs also mated with Phumela – her expected due date is 20 February 2013.

6 thoughts on “It’s a bunny named Bugs!

  1. Hi there
    I would be interested in buying on of the bunnies.
    Please let me know if there are still bunnies available and where you are situated.
    Thank you

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