The Little Rabbitry

The Little Rabbitry
Tammy from The Little Rabbitry recently took over a few of our buns and I was delighted when she sent us a few photographs of the little sweethearts. I’ve put them together in a collage and thought I’d share it with the rest of our friends. Just look at Oliver in the top right corner – still a little rascal! And in the top left corner is Shakira who went from us to Fancy Dwarfs, then to Urban Rabbit and is now at The Little Rabbitry. She is Oliver’s sister from another litter.

Thank you Tammy for the photos – it’s a real treat and much appreciated!

3 thoughts on “The Little Rabbitry

  1. Thanks so much for my bunnies, I have fallen in love with them! Oliver loves digging up my veggie patch and Fudge likes teasing the other bucks when he has run-time lol Fifi and Lulu (the blue eyed whites) and such gentle ladies and are still really small, I’m looking forward to their first litters when the time comes. Will keep you posted!

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