Moving on…

Every now and then things in life have to change. Sometimes the results are positive and other times it may be not, howevr, we can never tell with certainty what the outcome of our decisions will be. We had to make a very difficult decision at Life’s a bunny and once it has been made and put into action, everything happened very quickly and there has been a big change in the dynamics of our little rabbitry / bunny house.

Over the last year the number of buns have increased dramatically in our lives. Don’t get me wrong, every single rabbit that has come to cross paths with us, whether born at Life’s a bunny or just visiting for a while, has been more than welcome and has instantly taken up a special place in our house and hearts. However, after some serious thought and planning, we have decided that we in fact need to make space for a new generation of bunnies.

It was with a very sad heart that we said good bye to three very dear buns. Fudge, Molly and Oliver have moved on to another breeder today. Believe me, it was a difficult decision and I’m not quite sure yet if it was the right one, but it has been made and time will tell what the results will be.

These three rabbits will forever be remembered and will always have a special spot in our hearts.

* farewell hoppity, floppity, furry friends – you’ll be missed dearly*

6 thoughts on “Moving on…

  1. I’m not sure that I could ever be a breeder/fosterer, because I’d get way too attached. Even when I’ve gone to adopt my bunnies from a shelter, it’s hard to not take them all home. 😦

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  3. So sad, but it always happened to people who attached too much. It is happened to me too. I’m still asking the conditions of many cactus plants that I’ve already given to some of my friends.

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