Roxy’s bunch

I know that I’ve been very neglectful with posting anything, let alone updates, on Roxy and Levi’s kits. We’ve been so pre-occupied with Charlie’s ear infection and then helping a rabbitry friend out with kits whose mommy passed away, that I just haven’t done my bit here. My apologies!
Well, here the little ones are on the day they were born (photograph, above, on the left). The kits are quite big and even as new borns they were big. In the photograph on the right, above, they are 10 days old and you can spot the tiny grey bum (bottom right) of the surviving kit that came from The Fransi Doodle Rabbitry. And in the top left corner is Phoebe’s little kit that Roxy is also looking after. Roxy is a super star of a mom!
In these photographs above Roxy’s kits are just under 3 weeks old. Their eyes are open and they are starting to hop around all over the place! In the photograph below is the the Fransi Doodle kit at 2 weeks old.


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