Rabbits in the park

Remember the rabbits in the park that run wild?  Well I went for another visit to see how they are doing. I only saw four rabbits. The rest were probably sleeping under a bush somewhere.

The rabbits are obviously used to people and they come right up to you – so at ease that you can even pet them.

It’s really such a nice park to visit – there’s a large duck pond with wooden benches all around to sit and enjoy the view, birds and rabbits. Or just to take a break from the normal day to day rush of life. It’s always clean and safe with security patrols doing the rounds.

This little guy in the photograph above reminds a of Angry Pears‘ little friend 😉


6 thoughts on “Rabbits in the park

  1. It looks like that park is a dumping ground for unwanted pet rabbits. The major sign is that they let you pet them and they don’t look at all like wild rabbits, with the exception of the one on the right in the second photo. They’re looking for food and love. Abandoning domestic rabbits in the outdoors is illegal in the United States and some other countries, because it’s extremely cruel. Here’s the link to a rabbit welfare society that explains exactly why: http://www.hopperhome.com/feral_rabbit_colonies.htm. One can hope that the other rabbits are sleeping in a bush, but they probably ended up as food for some predator. Hope this doesn’t depress you too much. 😦

    • This park is in a very large security village and someone did “dump” the poor little buns there a few years ago. The risidents in the village feed the rabbits, but I don’t think anyone really looks after them… It is sad, actually. They are quite big and I’ve heard that the cats in the area leave them alone. One of the home owners has a large wooden house that the rabbits hop in and out of – I think they have their kits in there too.

      Thanks for the link – will check it out! 🙂

      • There’s a rabbit sanctuary in Croatia (just South of Hungary) called Tarraland that takes in rabbits from places like this, rabbits that have become too feral to be pets. They are sterilized to keep the population down and then they are allowed to roam free in a place that’s outside but fenced in with little houses for bad weather. They are looked after every day, and the place is secret to keep hunters away. There are several places like this in the US, too. Maybe there’s one in your area? If I had a big property, I would totally have a bunny sanctuary.

  2. Yes, it does look like a dumping ground for unwanted rabbits, but in my opinion the rabbits in this park are probably at their most happiest than they’ve ever been in their entire lives.
    They are not cooped up in hutches all day wallowing in their own waste and at the mercy of humans to feed them.
    Yes, they might be more at risk of predators and disease, but they’re definately not at risk of starvation and depression. With all that lawn and freedom, they are essentially in bunny heaven.
    Rabbits are animals and they will quickly revert back to their wild instincts and survive. They really don’t need humans in their lives if they are living in a natural state.
    It’s not cruel for them it’s liberating!
    They can hop and run and jump and mate and fight and do all the things that bunnies do till their little hearts are content. 🙂

    • Thanks Simone.
      They do look quite happy and at ease. And all the surrounding residents leave food for them etc. They are quite large rabbits too, so I don’t think a cat will try its luck with them and dogs have to be walked on a leash in the park…

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