Reader appreciation award

Wow! I am so flattered that Postcards from Budapest   ( also see Wish I Were Here )nominated Life’s a bunny for a reader appreciation award! Many thanks to La Vagabonde for doing so! *lots of bunny hugs*


So, in the spirit of the award rules, this is me :

  1. I’m a chef, living in Cape Town, South Africa, where I am co-owner of a French inspired little cafe. All of you are welcome to pop in for a breakfast (on me) if you’re ever in Cape Town 🙂
  2. I like cooking breakfast dishes – French toast is my favourite to cook AND to eat! ( I make really good croissants too, if I have to say so myself).
  3. I love winter. It calls for steamy hot chocolate, warm croissants and a fuzzy bunny on your lap!
  4. I used to grow bonsai trees and would like to do it again someday.
  5. I’m in love with France, even though I’ve never been there. It’s a dream to one day visit for like an entire month!
  6. If I didn’t become a chef I would have liked to be a horticulturalist.
  7. I’ve got a crazy sweet tooth – so bad that I’ll easily skip dinner just to have more dessert!

My nominations are :

  1. Die Reis – I’ve only recently discovered this blog. I think it’s brilliant and I love the honesty in the writing.
  2. cozywalls – as a chef I like reading recipes and trying something new in the kitchen. Amy has always very interesting recipes (very non-South African – which is quite intriguing) and the most beautiful photographs of the things she creates.
  3. Polaroids on Sidewalks is a mens fashion blog and I never miss their “look of the day” post. I love their blogs name and they’re also from Cape Town! One the writers, Herman, is quite entertaining on twitter – @naghings.
  4. If you like to feast your eyes on amazing photography, have a look at Karen’s blog draw and shoot . AMAZING is really all I can say!
  5. Belle Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast is a wonderful blog filled with history and beautiful photographs of all kinds of antiques – I find their journey on opening the historic plantation as a bed and breakfast fascinating.
  6. Angry Pear – this blog is always there to lift the spirit! And every now and then there’s a rabbit too!!! Thanks Drew!

I don’t know if a blog can receive the same award twice – so I’ll just mention it here : Postcards from Budapest is an awesome blog! La Vagabonde’s photographs are inspiring and creates a feeling of actually being present on location! Thank you once again kind lady and keep up the fantastic work!


3 thoughts on “Reader appreciation award

  1. Thanks so much for the compliments. Your blog makes me smile. France is awesome. So much to see and the food…wow! (Except that they eat rabbits.) I’m actually married to a Frenchman and am now a citizen. Hope you get to go there one day. 🙂 If I’m ever in Cape Town, I’ll definitely stop by your cafe!

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