Pregnant Roxy

Well, I was about to do this post about Roxy being pregnant, but she just kindled!!! We’re not sure, but it looks like three little kits! Our little Roxy is also pregnant. We’re not sure when she’s due, but I think it should be within the next ten days or so. We’ve split her and Levi up and now Levi has become quite the little grumpy gills. I think he misses her… But soon he’ll have little kits to play with! Now there are little kits and soon they’ll be some company for him!!! GO ROXY!


4 thoughts on “Pregnant Roxy

  1. I want to let you know that I’ve nominated you for a Reader Appreciation Award – I’m usually not one to do these “pass it on” things, so I’ll understand if you don’t want to accept it. If not, feel free to delete this comment. 🙂

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