Fancy Dwarfs

I mention Fancy Dwarfs so often in my blog that I think it is quite appropriate to add this post about them, after all, that is where it all started – the bunniness, that is!

Ulyn Botha owns and runs Fancy Dwarfs in Robertson with so much passion and enthusiasm, that when you walk into her home which is also the home of 150 (maybe more) gorgeous buns, you just can not help but to lose your heart and fall in love! There are bunnies everywhere and Ulyn will share each ones’ story with you if you’re eager to listen. It is very easy to see how much she loves all of her rabbits. Ulyn’s been in the bunny bussiness for 17 years and she’s got plenty of knowledge to share if you’re interested. Her staff are just as dedicated and you quickly pick up on the bonds that they also have with the buns.

Don’t think you’ll just pop in for a quick hello or a look around. There’s always a new story to hear or something intersting to see and before you know it, 3 hours have passed. I think it’s probably good that I don’t live closer to Robertson or I would never get any of my own work done!

Thank you Ulyn for sharing, teaching and caring so much! You have truly enlightened so many lives with your passion and enthusiasm.


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