Teeny tiny little buns

In these photographs you’ll see Phoebe’s kit progress from seven days old to sixteen days old.  
We are happy to announce that it’s a little girl! We were hoping for a girl! Can you see how much she looks like her daddy?

In this photograph above she is 18 days old! She is extremely fuzzy and too cute for words!

And then there is Molly and Mercury’s little ones…
Cuteness from the front :

And cuteness from behind :

In the phorographs above Molly’s kits are 8 days old. Two dark kits, like their mommy, and a sooty fawn… where that comes from, I don’t know!

All three kits have white markings. The two dark ones each have white toes and white on their little noses and the sooty fawn baby bun has white on the nose and a faint white line between the eyes.

Buns, buns, buns! We love the little ones and I wish that we could always have baby buns – all the time!!!


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