Molly and Mercury…behind Fudge’s back!


On Friday, 23 March 2012, I let Molly and Mercury play outside together. I think Molly just wants to be a mommy all the time, because she immediately allowed Mercury to mate with her. And when Mercury was struggling to get it right, at first, she quickly showed him how it’s supposed to be done. They did it three times! Poor Fudge, Molly’s husband, was sitting in his cage while all of this was happening.

I’ve also been trying with Phoebe and Mercury, but she does not seem to be interested at all. She’s only got eyes for Charlie! Kinda sweet.



2 thoughts on “Molly and Mercury…behind Fudge’s back!

  1. Ha ha ha! That is soooo cute. Now Storm and Wizard are going to have little half brothers and sisters. Molly and Mercury will make beautiful babies. 🙂

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