A warm and fuzzy feeling


Remember the “Little Fuzzy Wuzzy”? Well this is her, all grown up, in the photograph above. We took her back to Fancy Dwarfs in November 2011. Deborah Lowe bought her from Fancy Dwarfs and made contact with me via facebook. The Fuzzy’s name now is Shakira and I think it suits her perfectly.

Fudge_Molly.jpg     IMG-20111008-00416.jpg
Shakira was born on 2 October 2011.  Her parents are Fudge and Molly (in the photograph above on the left) and she is from their second pregnancy. The photograph on the right is of her at six days old. Shakira has a brother, Oliver, that looks exactly like her, except for short hair (photograph below).


It was difficult to take her back to Fancy Dwarfs, but I am so happy that she has found a good and loving home, back in Cape Town!


In the photograph above, Shakira (four weeks old) is copying Molly eating grass and below are the last two photographs we took of her before she went to Fancy Dwarfs (seven weeks old).

Fuzzy_Wuzzy17.jpg     Fuzzy_Wuzzy25.jpg

I hope Shakira gives her new family heaps of joy, just like she did with us. Thanks Deborah for making contact and enjoy your bun!


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