Cheers for Phoebe!

Phoebe9.jpg      Phoebe11.jpg      Phoebe10.jpg

Well, it started out looking like Phoebe again didn’t have milk, but on day three she took on the role of mommy and did a dandy job of it! After letting the kits feed with Molly for a day, I took a chance and put them back with Phoebe, and she immediately started licking them and allowed them to feed! It was a happy day, I tell you!

I think that Phoebe might be younger than we think and therefor her nurturing insticnt has not properly kicked in yet. She allows the kits to feed, but I don’t think she cleans them properly. Well, so it seems. So, after every feeding, I help out with a piece of wet cotton wool.
Kits18.jpg     Kits17.jpg
And here are the two sweeties! One’s completely black and the other is definately going to look like its daddy! They are six days old in these photographs.


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