Watson and Charlie

Watson.jpg      Watson2.jpg
Please say hello to Watson! He is a Steel Blue Netherland dwarf with a little white marking on his nose. In the photograph above, he is about two months old. We think he was in a fight before we got him, because he has quite a big scab between his eyes. Poor baby. Can’t wait for this tiny thing to grow up and see what he developes into!

Charlie2.jpg      Charlie4.jpg

Charlie is about eight months old in these photographs and Ulyn from Fancy Dwarfs calls him a Cinnamon Red. He has obviously also got the Netherland dwarf blood in him. You can definately see it in his short ears and round head!

We plan to put him with Phoebe, the Himalayan, to try and get more kits in his colour. We saw his brother at Fancy Dwarfs and he was a real beaut. But not as friendly as Charlie, though. The brother weighs 400g, fully grown! So small!

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