Saying g’bye…

Fuzzy_Wuzzy25.jpg      Johan_and_Fuzzy.jpg

So on Wednesday, 16, November 2011, we decided that we are not keeping the Fuzzles, but we are actually going to take her back to Fancy Dwarfs in Robertson. Ulyn, the owner and breeder of Fudge and Molly, is willing to take her and find a home for her. We are also taking Domino with… So now it’s goodbye time. Kind of sad, because even though I am not a fan of the long hair, this little bun really krept very deep inside my heart. And even girly Domino, who doesn’t like to be picked up or petted, I’ll miss a lot too. Domino is now four months old and the Fuzzy Wuzzy is just over seven weeks old.

Fuzzy_Wuzzy19.jpg     Fuzzy_Wuzzy21.jpg


Bye – bye baby. It was great knowing you and having you part of our lives.


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