Running wild…

Recently we were told by friends that there is a park with a duck pond close by, where rabbits are running wild between the surrounding gardens, roads and the park. So we took a drive, of course!

Wild13.jpg      Wild14.jpg

This guy in the photographs above, is completely black. Very friendly, but a little skittish.

Wild9.jpg      Wild15.jpg

I think the bun in the photographs above is a doe. One of the other rabbits were sniffing her bottom alot! This one is very friendly and even alows you to pet her. She’s got one blue and one brown eye.

Wild12.jpg      Wild10.jpg
This rabbit is always on his own and doesn’t appear very social. He’s got that “veld” rabbit look with a cotton white tail. He is quite a bit bigger, but not massive.

Wild4.jpg      Wild6.jpg
The rabbit on the right is very light blue-ish-grey with white Dutch markings. He is either still young, or he definately has dwarf blood in him, as he almost half the size of the other rabbits. He is also extremely skittish and you can not get close to him. The rabbit on the right look similat to our Charlie. A light fawn coat with charcoal patches and points. He is quite tame, but not friendly, meaning you can get close to him, but he turns his back on you. Look at his short ears and round body – Netherland Dwarf? I think so!

Wild3.jpg      Wild8.jpg

The rabbits are not entirely tame, but they are obviously used to humans, cats and dogs, because we can get pretty close to them. They are very playful and chase each other all over the show. They run into the neighbouring gardens and they even run in the road. It seems people are vigilant towards them, though. Further, the rabbits aren’t small like ours at home, but you can definately see that there must be dwarf blood in there somewhere. On the second day we went to visit them, we took some rabbit pellets along – this they LOVED!



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