Phoebe’s kits!


On Sunday, 04 December 2011, we got home from work and found that Phoebe had kindled her first kits! We were so excited that we immediately took a peak to see how many…

Kits5.jpg      Kits4.jpg
At first we only spotted these two babies. And then afetr lifting the blanket, we found a kit that unfortunately didn’t make it.

So on Monday evening, 5 December 2011, we took another look at Phoebe’s new babies while cleaning cages, and found that their tiny tummies were sunken in. It looked as though they haven’t eaten at all! We didn’t interfere, because it could be that Phoebe still needed to feed them and that she would do so as soon as there wasn’t so much movement around.

Later, before I went to bed, I took another look and found that their bellies were still empty… but still did not interfere.

The next morning, Tuesday, 6 December 2011, very early, I went to have a look again. I was starting to feel very worried, as it looked as though they still haven’t eaten anything! So during the day I was on the internet researching what could be wrong and what we could do to help. I found out that it could be possible that Phoebe didn’t have milk to feed them. It was also a possibility that we interfered too soon after she kindled and that she rejected them. I read that we could hold Phoebe on her back and try to let the kits drink from her or if that didn’t work we could also make use of Kitten Milk Replacer. We tried both and were unfortunately unsuccessful with both.

On Thursday, 8 December 2011, both of the new kits were no longer with us…

I think that Phoebe may have rejected them, because it seemed that she was not at all worried about the kits being there or not there.


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