Off to Robertson we go


So Claire says she’ll buy a new bunny as a birthday present, and of course arrangements are made immediately for us to leave a bit earlier at work and off the three of us go. We take Domino and Fuzzles with and argue about what exactly we’ll be coming back with…

There are about 200 rabbits at Fancy Dwarfs and Ulyn (the owner) is very patient with us as we walk through from one side of the premises to the other, and back again, as we look at all the buns. Its so difficult to choose! Ulyn breeds with the Netherland dwarfs, so all her rabbits are really small. Eventually I find a Himalayan doe, sitting quietly in a cage with another doe. I pick her up and she’s pregnant! She’s very friendly and just sits in my arms; of course my mind’s made up about her and luckily Ulyn is fine with me taking her, even though she’s pregnant (accidental pregnancy with unknown father!).

We also spot a baby Steel Blue with a white marking on the nose. And then Ulyn brags with her “Cinnamon Reds”, and she just happens to have a buck available. SOLD!

So, we give Ulyn Domino and Fuzzles, and take three of her most expensive rabbits. Damage : only R300! I guess she can see that we look after the buns really well and share her passion for them.

Phoebe3.jpg     Watson.jpg     Charlie3.jpg


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