Molly and Fudge sitting in a tree…

So while we were busy in the garden, tidying up and so forth, we decided to let Fudge and Molly play together in the garden. Fudge has been so frustrated and making such a mess in his cage everyday, that we thought it would be good for the two of them to run around a bit.

We kept a close eye on them, but the sneaky rascals got to doing the deed before we could separate them in time… Oh well, so Mollykins will be having babies before then end of the year again! Hoping for a light baby, like Oliver.

By the way, Oliver is still around. He is such a cutie pie! A little naughty, but it’s understandable that the smells of the other bucks drive him a little crazy. But we’ve come to notice that if we give him a good hour or so playtime in the garden, then his mood is much happier and less destructive. He still has a bit of a biting streak in him, but I don’t think that it’s ever to harm, only to communicate frustration or warning.


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