Little fuzzy wuzzy

IMG-20111025-00511.jpg     IMG-20111025-00504.jpg     IMG-20111025-00499.jpg

Here “No Name Bun” is playing on the lawn with a tennis ball. Although, I think it was more me playing and her just sitting there! She is just over three weeks old in these photographs above.

IMG-20111025-00514.jpg     IMG-20111027-00540_1_.jpg
Playing in the garden with mommy! In the above photographs she is four weeks old.

IMG-20111103-00574_1_.jpg     IMG-20111031-00553_1_.jpg     IMG-20111031-00552_1_.jpg     IMG-20111103-00573_1_.jpg

Some more snaps of the fuzzy little girl at four and a half weeks old. Coat is becoming very long and we have trouble with her poop sticking to it… A little bit unpleasant, but no worries to help her clean herself.

IMG-20111106-00620_1_.jpg     IMG-20111106-00613_1_.jpg     IMG-20111106-00612_1_.jpg

And in these three photographs above you can definately see that there must be some Angora blood in there! She is five weeks old here. She is very friendly and doesn’t have a care in the world. We pick her up easily without struggling to escape or disliking the attention.


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