IMG-20111102-00565_1_.jpg      IMG-20111012-00428.jpg

Domino is quite a shy little girl. She is very skittish and is definately not a fan of any kind of affection. She is very small, considering she is of the same litter as Oliver. She is probably about half the size of Ollie. She also went through a bit of naughty behaviour, but while Oliver’s turned into a bit of a personality trait, Domino is a very well behaved little bun now. In all these photographs she is just over three months old.

IMG-20111025-00529.jpg      IMG-20111025-00533.jpg

Domino is not as inquisitive as the rest of our bunnies, it’s almost as if she likes to know that she is safe staying in her bed box. I think she would be great to breed with to try and get smaller offspring. But I haven’t decided whether we’re breeding with her or not. She is just adorable! Soft, sweet and very quiet. A real little lady!


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