What do I really really want – I have a dream

Dutch.jpg        Red_Netherlands_Dwarf.jpg        Himalayan.jpg

                 DUTCH                          RED NETHERLANDS DWARF            HIMALAYAN

I have a dream… And it is to own at least one of each of these cute little guys above. I like the Dutch rabbits mainly for the white line between the eyes. I think it makes the bunny look too cute! And the red Netherlands dwarf in the middle is actually from the same breeder in Robertson, South Africa, where I got my Fudge and Molly from! How pretty, don’t you think. I love the reddish colour and would really like to own one similar to this dwarf variety. The Himalayan on the right looks like such unique rabbits. I’ve read on a website that the Himalayan rabbits are the best kind to own as pets. They are friendly and lovable rabbits. I do think that I would also like to get one in the dwarf variety, which you can also find at Fancy Dwarfs.

I would like to maybe try my hand at breeding with the dwarfs. I think it’s facsinating, the way you mix the cololurs and the varieties. If work wasn’t keeping me busy for like 15 hours every day, I would start right now!


Oh, and look at these two sweeties! They are red and blue Dutch rabbits! They are also from Fancy Dwarfs. Beauties!

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