Second pregnancy (Fudge & Molly)

Two months after the first kits were born, we put Fudge and Molly together again. Now, I’ve read on Raising Rabbits that you must never put the buck in the doe’s cage, because she is very territorial and might hurt the buck. At the time that we put the two love birds together again, I did not know that you should put the doe with the buck, but luckily I did!

The first time Molly did not want Fudge near her. She kept jumping away and kicking him with her hind legs. She was with Fudge in his cage for about half an hour and then I took her out again. The following evening it was “bunny lovin’ time” again, and after about half an hour Molly finally allowed Fudge to do his thang. He was very affectionate afterwards and within about ten minutes they were at it again. Then I took Molly back to her own cage and some sliced apple was in order as reward for a job well done!


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