Name time = best time!

This is the fun time. The bunnies are about a month old and its name time!

The lighter one on the right is Oliver ( but we also call him Die Wit Haas, which is Afrikaans for The White Rabbit). He was much lighter when he was younger, and so the nickname kind of stuck, even though he is not really white.

Domino is the bun on the left. She is dark like Fudge and Molly, but her right front paw has a white patch, as you can see in the photograph. Domino is half the size of Oliver and from what I’ve read on the internet, is that Oliver is what they call a false dwarf. Let me explain : all dwarf rabbits have one dwarf gene and one regular gene. In order for a rabbit to be classified as a dwarf, it must receive at least one dwarf gene from one of the parents. Sometimes a kit receives two regular genes (one from each parent) and this results in a bunny that is slightly bigger with slightly larger ears. It is still a smaller rabbit than a regular rabbit, but not as small as the dwarf variety. Then it can also happen that the kit receives two dwarf genes (one from each parent) and this results in a peanut – a kit that has an underdeveloped digestive system and sometimes defromed hind legs. They usually don’t live past three days.

Our buns are happy and healthy and I think their names are very suited!


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