How many? How many!


About five days after kindling, I pulled the hay in the nest away and there were two little gems! Again a dark one and a lighter coloured one. I tried to pick one up, but they are very skittish, so I left them.


Then at seven days I fished this little guy out. Seven days old. Look at that cute little tail!


Early one morning, I was cleaning Molly’s cage and discovered a dead kit on the floor of the cage. It was a big shock and it was terrible to start the day with such a find. So now I thought that there was only one, the lighter one, but when I got home from work later that afternoon, I found a black kit on the floor of the cage. What?! And it was still alive, so I quickly put it back in the nest with the lighter kit. (It’s the two kits picured above and below.)


I was really so happy that there were still two kits! But for some reason every time we got to the cage, the little black kit was outside of the nest. So every time we just put it right back inside. Then two days later, while we were cleaning cages, we found the the black kit right at the bottom of the nest. It had also died. So sad.

The lighter greyish kit looks quite strong and healthy, so we hope that it will survive.


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