Hello, big bun!

IMG-20111016-00474.jpg      IMG-20111016-00471.jpg

Above are two photographs of the little one at 14 days old. It is its first time outside and we all had quite a bit of fun!

IMG-20111020-00489.jpg      IMG-20111020-00488.jpg
These two photographs above are at 18 days old. They grow and progress so fast. It seems as though it is going to be quite a furry bunny!

We haven’t named it, hence the constant referring to “it”. We don’t know the sex yet and have decided that if it is a doe, we will keep her and mate her with Oliver to see what happens… Otherwise if it is a buck, we might sell it. But it is very cute and we’ve grown so fond of it in such a short time. But I suppose we can’t keep them all.


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