First Pregnancy

After having Fudge and Molly for about three months, grown-up hormones kicked in and I discovered that cute and innocent Molly Wobbles was pregnant!

At the time, I did not have any books on rabbits, so Google came to the rescue again. Bunnies are pregnant for 28 – 32 days, and they can get pregnant on the very same day that they give birth! Good golly! I researched rabbit pregnancy and learned all about the behaviour of the pregnant doe.

As I was uncertain on the date of conception, I stayed on a permanent lookout for any signs of nesting ( building a nest with newspaper pieces, hay and her own fur ). I also read that she may become aggressive, but fortunately Molly skipped that stage!

And then finally one afternoon it happened! Frantic tearing of newspaper and gathering of hay. And then she started pulling out her fur. At first its quite disturbing to see, but afterwards when you realise that the kits are completely naked, when born, its actually so sweet. And within minutes she was out of the box and back in her hay box. It went so quick! I tried to look, but the kits were covered in Molly’s fur.

Five days later I intruded and found two kits! I didn’t want to disturb them too much and so covered them with the fur again. The one was much bigger than the other and I was concerned that the smaller one might be a peanut (when a kit gets two dwarf genes and is very small with a under developed digestive system. It is usually quite weak and will most likely die within three days.)

But luckily it wasn’t and was, in fact, more lively than the bigger kit!

Thank Roger Rabbit!


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